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Pre-Surgical Blood Screening

Pre-Surgical Blood Screening is recommended prior to any procedure where your pet will receive anesthesia. Since not all potential problems can be detected via a physical exam, Pre-Surgical Blood Screening can potentially identify disorders that may increase your pet's anesthetic risk. We can adjust our anesthetic plan to account for mild abnormalities or identify when anesthesia may not be safe for a patient.



Depending on the type of surgery being performed, we use a combination of injectible and Isoflurane inhaled anesthetics.   To ensure the safety and health of your pet while under anesthesia, we utilize a machine that monitors blood pressure, heart rate, and the amount of oxygen in the blood.  In addition, your pet will be monitored by a Certified Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Technician Assistant during surgery.
Spays and Neuters
To ensure the safety and health of your pet, we recommend all cats and dogs be spayed or neutered at 6 months of age.   
Dogs spayed prior to their first heat cycle have shown a decrease in the risk of mammary cancer later in life. Spaying also prevents potentially fatal uterine infections later in life. In addition, neutering males eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.

Dental Procedures
JVC offers routine teeth cleaning, as well as tooth extractions and oral surgery. Dental health is important to your pet's overall health. Tartar and plaque can lead to gum disease and tooth decay, leading to problems with the heart and kidneys if left untreated. Ask your veterinarian for an evaluation of your pet's teeth to determine the best course of action. Visit our Dental Health page for more information.
Mass and Growth Removal
Masses or tumors can occur at any age in any pet. Please notify your veterinarian if you pet has any lumps that get larger, bleed, or change in color or texture and schedule an appointment to evaluate the lump. Some lumps may need to be removed surgically, with histology (microscopic analysis) testing recommended to further evaluate the mass.

General Surgery

We have the capability to perform a variety of procedures including eye surgery, wound repair, amputations, abdominal exploration, and bladder surgery. Like with more routine surgeries, we recommend Pre-Surgical Blood Screening and provide continuous anesthetic monitoring by a Technician.
Advanced Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery
Sometimes more advanced problems occur that require specialized surgery beyond our capabilities. We contract with a board-certified veterinary surgical specialist to provide advanced surgeries via our practice. Surgeries offered include cranial-cruciate repair, bone fracture repair, and anal-sac removal as well as a variety of other bone and soft tissue surgeries.