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JVC offers a variety of in-house diagnostics in addition to utilizing services from referal labs.

Digitial Radiology


Radiographs, commonly known as x-rays, allow us to see what is going on in the body without being invasive.  Radiographs assist in the diagnosis of bone, joint, lung and abdominal disorders.  In addition to diagnostic radiographs, JVC also offers OFA radiographs which are used by breeders to screen dogs for hereditary joint problems prior to breeding.




The 4DX test detects heartworm and 3 tick-borne diseasesWe use IDEXX 4DX Testing for diagnosing Heartworm and tick-borne diseases (Lyme, Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis). We recommend yearly heartworm testing for dogs on seasonal heartworm preventative and every two years for dogs on year round heartworm preventative.



Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) are both viruses that can be transmitted from feline mothers to kittens before birth as well as through cat bites. It is important to know if your cat is infected because these viruses can change a cat's quality of life. JVC uses the IDEXX FeLV/FIV snap test, which allows us to test your cat in minutes, using only a small amount of blood. We recommend any new cat coming into a home, or cats showing signs of either disease, be tested. For more information of FeLV/FIV see our client handouts under the client resources page.
JVC has the ability to test for glaucoma as well as other diseases that affect the pressure of the eye using the Tonovet Tonometer. Screening allows for your pet to be treated more quickly and allows for monitoring the response to treatment.
Fecal Analysis
Several diseases can be passed from pet to humans which are known as zoonotic diseases. Some of these diseases involve intestinal parasites found in cats and dog.  Therefore, we recommend yearly fecal exams on all pets to ensure they are free of internal parasites.  In-house fecal testing is available, and can be completed with just a small amount of fresh feces.  
We can run an in-house urinalysis by analyzing urine from your pet when there is a change in the amount or frequency of urination. This aids in the diagnosis of urinary tract infections, diabetes, urine crystals or kidney disease.
Dr. Luebbe performs a complete abdominal ultrasound.

JVC offers complete abdominal ultrasound examination. Radiographs (X-rays) can provide great information about internal organs, but detail in individual organs is lacking. With our new ultrasound machine we are able to better visualize your pet’s abdominal organs, such as liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, stomach and intestines. Ultrasound technology is also useful in guided fine needle aspirates if a sample of fluid or tissue is recommended for further evaluation. We can preform ultrasound examinations on individual organs, related organ systems, or the entire abdomen.

The ultrasound examination is usually scheduled when your pet has been fasted and can stay with us at the clinic for the day. Your pet’s abdomen will be shaved for the procedure and sedation may be used.

IDEXX Lab Equipment
JVC utilizes the IDEXX Lab Suite which includes the IDEXX Catalyst DX and Lasercyte to provide comprehensive blood chemistry panels, complete blood counts (CBC), thyroid and phenobarbital levels and blood clotting times.  We offer a 17-panel test that allows us to assess liver, kidney and pancreatic health. TheCBC looks at the animal's blood cells which can be used to diagnose infection, anemia or clotting problems.
 Our suite of blood diagnostic machines assess blood cells, organ function, and metabolism.
Thyroid tests allow us to measure thyroid hormone which is responsible for the body's metabolism and other body functions. We use it to diagnose and monitor cats with hyperthyroidism and monitor dogs being treated for hypothyroidism.

Our blood clotting time machine enables us to quickly check an animal's ability to clot blood. This helps diagnose a blood clotting disorder or check animals prior to surgery.  
Referral Labs
For advanced diagnostics we work with several referral laboratories. The availability of test results varies based on the specific test requested.