Jefferson Veterinary Clinic, S.C.

959 West Racine Street
Jefferson, WI 53549


Rob Farruggio, DVM

"Dr. Rob" joined the JVC team following his graduation from Iowa State University in 1995.  As a Mixed Animal Veterinarian, he spends most of his days traveling throughout the county servicing farm clients.  He has a special interest in Dairy Medicine, and is often found at a herd health or consulting with one of our many dairy farmers.  He lives in Cambridge with his wife, daughter, and son.

 "I've always enjoyed being around animals and helping to educate our clients and the community about the many aspects of veterinary medicine. Being a veterinarian, I have the best of both worlds!"

Brian Pulkrabek, DVM

 "Dr. Brian" is a 2004 graduate of Kansas State University.  He joined the JVC team as a Mixed Animal Veterianian in 2004.  Dr. Brian enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine but has a special interest in bovine medicine.  Most of his time is spent with our farm clients, providing service to their animals, however, he enjoys the opportunity to see companion animal appointments when he can. He lives in Jefferson with his wife and two daughters.

"As a child, I was inspired by our farm veterinarian.  That inspiration stayed with me, and directed my career choice."


Brad Luebbe, DVM

 Dr. Luebbe began his career with JVC after graduating from Kansas State University in 2005. As a mixed animal veterinarian he sees both companion animals and travels to local farms to care for their animals. Dr. Luebbe has a special interest in surgery and radiology.  Dr. Luebbe lives here in Jefferson with his wife Kerin, daughters Madeleine and Emma, their pets. 


"Growing up on a farm, I always enjoyed animals and I had an interest in medicine. Veterinary Medicine is a perfect combination."


Marjorie Koeppen, DVM

Dr. Koeppen is a 2009 graduate of the University of Illinois Veterinary School. She joined JVC in June of 2009 as a mixed animal doctor, splitting her time between seeing companion animals and traveling to farms in the area to treat animals.  Currently, Dr. Koeppen is focusing on small animal medicine. She lives in Fort Atkinson with her husband and two sons.

"I enjoy the diversity of veterinary medicine and I am grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love on a daily basis."



  Daniel Griffith, DVM

Dr. Griffith is a 2011 graduate of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, VA.  He joined the JVC family in July of 2011.

Originally from Ohio, Dr. Griffith spent time in the Navy before becoming a veterinarian. He works with both companion and farm animals and enjoys the challenge and variety of mixed animal practice. He lives in Jefferson with his wife, two daughters, a female dog, and three female cats (and one male cat).

"I wanted to be a Veterinarian when I was 12 years old. I somehow got distracted along the way but rediscovered my passion for it as an adult."

Erik Olson, DVM

Dr. Olson is a 2017 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Veterinary Madison. He joined JVC in February 2018 as a mixed animal veterinarian after spending a few months working as a small animal practitioner. Dr. Olson is a Wisconsin native, and recently relocated to the Jefferson County Area. He enjoys working with both farm animals and companion animals.