Jefferson Veterinary Clinic, S.C.

959 West Racine Street
Jefferson, WI 53549


Jefferson Veterinary Clinic S.C. is proud to offer veterinary care and services to dairy clients in the greater Jefferson County area. Our clinic provides scheduled herd checks and consultations in addition to a wide variety of diagnostics, treatments and surgical services. Our in-house diagnostics include complete blood profiles and milk culturing. Submission to referral laboratories is available for more specialized diagnostics. We also offer on-farm ultrasound for early pregnancy diagnosis.

Herd Health Services - "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Through routine herd health services you can keep your herd in better condition and hopefully avoid problems. Herd services can include reproductive checks, vaccines, and laboratory sampling. We can tailor the frequency and composition of herd work to suit your needs.

Vaccinations - We provide a wide variety of vaccines for calves and adult cows and can help tailor a vaccine protocol to your specific needs.

Disease ProtocolsYou are the one that sees your animals the most and may know when something is wrong. We can provide you with monitoring and diagnostic protocols that give you steps to follow, simple treatments to give and let you know when you need to call on us.

Herd Management Consultation - Sometimes herd level problems can occur because of management issues (cleanliness, feeding, environment). We can evaluate your current practices and make recommendations on how to better manage your herd and facilities to resolve or prevent health issues.